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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2013 10:30pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> we'll have to do that. >> is there any other public comment? seeing none. call the next item >> item 6 a it possible up date on the crews terminals for the use of the americans cup and other events. >> good afternoon commissioner and exclusive director. i'm kim project director for the
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port project. i'm discuss phase one and our plans for phase two. and then i'll hand over the mike to another person. i'm proud inform announce that our project achieved phase one ahead of schedule and we received a temporary certificate of counselcy. we exceeded our goal by 7 percent and in addition we exceeded our projected final project costs will be approximately 48 and a half
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million dollars which is under our budget of $50 million. there's still two parts to be completed. itself the shore - you can see on the right hand of this picture is a gray box like item that's actually part of the 25 ton transform and the switchgear that is relocated from another part of pier 7 when we diminished that part of the project. we can't do the phrase 2 yet. the other item to the
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installation of the roof and sign. the inauguration of the support system will commence this week. there's a make up that shows how tall it was. we needed the mark up to decide when we needed this part. those letters will be started up in the latter part of may and the sign will be complete in june. this slide shows the port of san francisco sign on the top of building. it's on this right hand or north side of the crews terminal building. in order to maintain the
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america's cup facility the port maintained the engineer to provide the maintenance of the facility that will be carried on by the american's cup facility but we need to make sure those are intact. on phase two i apologize for not having a nice drawing of this because we've discussions this for many years this might be hard to understand. upon completion of the americans cup in 2013 the project will start phase two construction this will be the remaining parts of the building which includes the like an airport in phase two
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like a baggage and checkpoint. in addition the scope will include the plazas a which will be as you look at this drawing on the left-hand side of the facility this is a two acre public park fund by go bonds. on the right the north point will get the completed and the ground transportation area which is the twinkie angle form between the crews building and the pier 29 on the are the we'll have a catch basins installed as well as some other green features that filter the water system. on the other side which runs along the water we'll have new -
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again catch basins stalled there and this is new height capacity for holding the ships in place and finally, a gangway system that connects from the ships to the upper terminal. in addition prequalification of subcontractors is underway and bidding for the initial contracting. review p of a draft schedule is in progress and it shows the completing of the building in august 2013.
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the completion of the gangway system is trying to be completed. i'd like to turn the next part over the daily duplicating who will talk about the america's cup planning events. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm daily dunn with the special port projects group. commissioner murphy welcome. i'll start off with a quick correction as my colleague said the sign schedule is currently would have completion in mid-june but as we hand it over to the criticize event authority we settled on everything but the exact timing of the sign we left
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that piece explicitly unresolved. it's not determined yet it will go up but when will it start before or after phase two. let's look at the crews terminal sign are it's off the northern end where the victory building will be. 8 superfluous yafths in this shot. the event authority is just starting to do their building improvement inside so they submitted about a walk and a half ago their building permit
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plans. i didn't touch on it in the staff report but the staff has come together on a current process which is moving those things forward at a great speed so we're going to make due. this is some more detail on the ground floor. the sports bar is going to be operating with special events in the evening. out of an abundance of caution i'll be inspecting that myself. that will take the centerpiece of the first floor of the terminal.
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the stairway and a escalator will be here. the entire it of the first floor will be to the media. those will accumulate 3 had the journalist. exterior is that a for people to get outside and a press conference theater. the top floor will be divided into those sections. so far there are 2 that will be for this space.
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so it comes down to a series that i just came from the authorities today those have not been approved but their conceptual and we're getting a first look at them. this in the next slide a both renderi renderings imaging of what the suits are going to look like. this one facing al traces. this is the entry into the park. those are the terminal itself the western side. you can see the grass at the top is going to be there so they can
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reproduce graphics on. and this is the waterway there's a lot of big boats h that are going to be parked there. i presume there's a way to get those into their camera shots. and lastly this is the entryway to the sites they have resersz those for the vi ps. this is most of the focus on the television footage for the events. this is the latest plan and kim
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and you are available for comments >> a couple questions. good presentation guys. since you've turned it over to the america's cup people now if anything like damages come to that how has that been worked out that the shiners that's my first question. and my second question i think you said you could get it back for phase two and it would be ready to go august of next year? >> so your question about damage yes. the event authoritytomy 80 is responsible
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to returning that to us. and anything after that there could be no claims existing with possession. also the engineer to maintain the facilities like the escalators and the elevators their specifically to maintain the warranties of those systems. so like non-license repairs that would cut or so life systems shorter than they need to be >> what's the square footage on the sport bar? i have thought about that i think it is about 10 thousand
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that's my approximation. >> commissioner adams let me add to the completion of the facility. it appears that august is a good completion date and the next question is needs to be asked if you have the terminal done and you don't have the gang way what happens? the way the facilities in the ports of san francisco if there's a ship coming from a foreign country they get cleared from the ship and as their clear they come down from the ship and a pickup their baggage and leave. so we would have to ask borders protection to have the same method until we get our gang way set up
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>> the reason i'm asking that is, i have a lot of passion about this. we have about 2 hundred and 50 thousand passengers last year i'm thinking we need to have 3 million people to come. could it handle like 5 hundred thousand passengers is it built to do that? >> we have facilities to handle up to 42 hundred passengers on one ship. we have many days open that have
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many ships and we hope to sell that as event space >> i want to thank all of our staff it's a special thing we've been very proud of. but i have a question. you mentioned there's one item still in transition which is the sign age. it strikes me it would be part of the building was is that in the original plans of the building? >> it was in the original plans. we had the infrastructure for it the sign was daebl but we've elected to move it into phase one >> one addition to that the
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individual items how we were phase one or phase two at one point the heating systems could be moved from phase one to phase 2 but it was two expensive but that's how we've treated this process. >> i think where the escalator and elevator systems we can accomplish that in phase one. >> does that regard the sign in phase one or phase two? >> what happens if we disagree with the america's cups folk on the timing of putting our sicken up what recourse is there?
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>> the host agreement has in it a dispute resolution clause that has mediation through - there's a bind arbitration so it's very specifically donated what the avenue is to resolve this. >> it doesn't look like it's incomparable. >> how. other donors have given over $10,000? >> i believe there are 2. >> thank you.
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there any public comment? >> good afternoon tom with liveable city. i'm tempted to comment on the boats booking the signs. when the decision was made to locate the crews ship terminal here - let me go back. the two spaces are supposed to be left open on the other side on the end of the pier was supposed to be an open space but
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unfortunately, to put the cruise ship here means that public open space at the end of the pier won't be assessable when a boat comes in. the port now owes more open space. i'm on the committees to figure out where we could create an open space because that open space will be lost when the crews ships are in the terminal. just behind this building here we're going we're hoping this process will be allowed to go forward and that will be the decision-making process and a lot of decision making people
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will be involved. we need to keep this cruise ship terminal here but make up that lost open space here. that's the venue at least the group that will ultimately recommend to you what the open space plan should look like and keep everything in balance. the port has had a an obligation to go ahead with this because you're on a short timeline because of the america's cup. just balance out the whole proposal. so when we come to that next proposal i think one of the great places to put that open space is behind this building. thank you
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>> any further public comment? seeing none call the next item >> the fair activation proposal by the partners. >> good afternoon, commissioners dan of the ports planning division. this is the open area on the ferry side of the plaza. the ports that supports this ear is within long term leasehold which runs until 2016.
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other permitted uses on the plaza includes the service for the ferry tenants, value drop off for the limited partnership building this is located at the far end of the east plaza, emergency and service event assess use. we're having a pilot plan to conduct various events and to - in doing so they would observe user partners and observe the loading services and provide parking in the plaza. the com plates those issues and
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g n p will propose this in a minute. a copy should be at your desk. we're pleased this is going to be improved as e o p will meet with committeess and business stakeholders and b cdc the big conservatism development commission. all this would be done prior to the meeting of the commission. jan conor's with the equity partners - >> i'll just take a second to -
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. manny i might need your help here. okay. yeah. manny sorry. good afternoon everyone i'm jan
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conor's i'm the? proposed manager for the ferry building. first, i want to thank the port and shareholders. i want to remind people not only are we responsible for the ferry building i just want to you, you know, we're stewards of the ferry building. we're also responsible for the ferry plaza so from the market driveway and the globulin gate area we're responsible for for the repair issues. so as we know today, the
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ferryplasia is visited by 25 hundred people a day. as you can tell we have a great local shoppers of today and tomorrow here. it's a deliver zone. it's a serve area forgotten gate ferries. and, of course, ferry building delivers. we receive upwards of 2 hundred and 50 delivers today. the mission of our activation plan is to create a multi transportation place and as we researched and ponder designs we
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saw some terrible examples. this is our example here pioneer square and the parkway. while researching those public places we studied how people and design work in great urban places. those photos here in the last few years was given back to the public and the addition have been the addition of moveable furniture. and moveable folding chairs were placed randomly. so how do we get the priority typing. we're proposing 18


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